​Seán's debut collection, Tongues of Fire, is available to order here. 


**Poetry Book Society Recommendation**

**Observer Poetry Book of the Month**


'an exquisitely calm and insightful lyric poet, reverential in nature and gorgeously wise in the field of human drama' - Max Porter, The Irish Times

'An astonishingly assured debut delivered in a poetic voice that has eloquence, compassion, and serenity in equal measure... Hewitt seems to have sprung fully formed into the literary world and, on this showing, nothing seems beyond him.' - Bert Wright, The Sunday Times

'If Keats's famous adage that beauty is truth rings false to modern ears, Seán Hewitt's collection of exquisite lyrics gives us hope. This debut manages to enchant the reader with poems that read almost as spells, prayers and incantations, paying an almost religious attention to the nature world. [...] vertiginous, dreamlike' - Ben Wilkinson, The Guardian

'It is extraordinary to encounter a debut collection that feels as established as Seán Hewitt's [...] These unmediated poems are, at the same time, charged: they pull you in swiftly, you become immersed. [...] Exceptionally moving... impossible to read without a lump in the throat.' - Kate Kellaway, The Observer

'Burning with a spiritual intensity and near-liturgical lyricism, Hewitt's debut collection probes weighty themes with a self-assurance and lightness of touch astonishing for a first collection. Passionate, opaque and affecting, Tongues of Fire is a stunning example of the poet's art.' - Waterstones

'In Tongues of Fire, Hewitt crafts poems of intense beauty and endless range, which glisten with queer desire [...]. Considered and poised, every line in this stunning compilation surprises and nurtures.' - Uli Lenart, Attitude

'the most gorgeous and devastating blend of hope and loss [...] some of the most transcendent lines to ever be committed to verse. [...] This collection is a testament to life and its glorious vibrant living, to enduring love and the seemingly boundless capacity of the human soul.' - Juliano Zaffino, Severine Lit