​Seán's debut pamphlet, Lantern (Offord Road Books) was Poetry Book Society Summer Pamphlet Choice for 2019, won an Eric Gregory Award in 2019, and is shortlisted for the Michael Marks Award 2019. 

His debut collection, Tongues of Fire, is available for pre-order here, and is due in May 2020.

Praise for Lantern:

Lantern is astonishing. I love these poems for their musicality and their sensuous, tender rapture. Hewitt conjures otherworldly glossaries of tree and thorn and somehow, in our torn world, finds wood-lore and balm. Each poem is a greenwood prayer, and taken together, they are a beautiful, sung breviary, that finds in the wild a grace that, far from being fleeting and elusive, runs deep and clear . . . It’s a collection I’ll be returning to again and again for the same. As Hewitt has it: The world is dark / but the wood is full of stars.’ 

—Fiona Benson 


‘In these luscious, breathtaking poems, the reader is subject to a queering, in the sense of something made strange; the self and the landscape are blended in myth, in prayer, in exploration of the self. Lantern is a pamphlet to always carry with you; it will light a way through to the very centre of your heart.’ 

—Andrew McMillan 

'Seán Hewitt's debut Lantern is stunning. [...] Lantern is exquisite.'

—Poetry Book Society

'ethereally beautiful... I will always remember this collection'

Dublin Review of Books